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The easiest way to gather speed & connection metrics for remote offices, field equipment, IoT, and employees.
No monitoring server, no VPN tunnels, no firewall rules, no worries.
imUp dashboard
imUp Orgs

Your personal monitoring server

Simply install our app on all of your endpoints around the globe and we'll give you a single dashboard to view speed & connectivity metrics for all of them.

We help teams with this problem every day:

"We're having problems with network connectivity for our remote workforce, and want a way to measure their connectivity without having to remote into their computers or otherwise disrupt their workflows"
imUp dashboard

Why is imUp different than other tools?

We approach monitoring & measurement from an endpoint-based perspective rather than from a central-server.

Central Server?
The central-server based approach provides a bird's-eye view of the network, which can be beneficial in identifying widespread or systemic issues. However, because it relies on a single monitoring point, it might not detect issues that only affect certain segments of the network or are specific to individual endpoints.

Endpoint based!
The endpoint-based approach provides a detailed, ground-level view of the network. This approach provides more granular data, capturing localized issues that could be affecting only a segment of the network or a specific endpoint. It's particularly effective at detecting localized or endpoint-specific issues that a central-server based approach might miss.

We offer a solution with an endpoint-based approach that aggregates all the data in a single dashboard, this essentially combines the benefits of both endpoint and centralized approaches. It means you are gaining the granularity and path-specific insights from the endpoint-based approach, while also benefiting from the ease of management and analysis that a centralized dashboard provides.

What it does

imUp Org features

  • Split your endpoints into infinite groups, each with custom alerting & threshold configurations
  • Downtime monitoring & alerts
  • High latency monitoring & alerts
  • High packet-loss monitoring & alerts
  • Slow upload/download monitoring & alerts
  • IP Block/Allow lists
  • Remote speed tests
  • CLI installer (distribute across your network using your RMM tools)
  • Windows service, binary, Docker container
  • Live host status
  • Ping metrics (latency, loss, RTT)
  • Export data reports
  • Allow employees to see their own metrics

Who are orgs for?

  • Companies that want an easy way to measure connectivity
  • Companies with remote employees
  • Restaurants, hotels, and stores
  • Home tech companies
  • IT teams troubleshooting remote issues
  • Teams testing network throughput and speeds
  • MSPs
  • Folks paying for multiple internet bills
  • Gaming orgs measing team's connections
New FeatureS

Org Groups

Abstract your Org endpoints into infinite groups, each with their own configurations for notifications and threshold limits for alerting.

New FeatureS

CLI Installer

Distribute the client across your entire network via your RMM tools. Create specific configurations for each group you deploy to.

New FeatureS

Remote speed testing

You can kick off multiple remote speed tests, on any of your hosts, from anywhere to help diagnose real-time issues.

Portal Sharing

Providers and Support teams can link a user email to each Org endpoint, allowing that person to log in and see their own metrics.

Simple & Powerful

Measuring remote networks

Orgs allows you to measure unlimited endpoints and view all of their connectivity metrics in a single dashboard. Divide your endpoints into infinite groups and set custom threshold alerts for latency, packet-loss, and slow speeds for each!
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The group dashboard

The group dashboard shows all threshold breaching alerts for all endpoints belonging to this group. You can edit the group configuration here and also see & select any of the group's endpoints.

Select any host(s) in the list and either delete them from the group, export all measurement data, or run remote real-time speed tests.

Group configuration

Each group supports you creating specific threshold values & alerts.

This enables you to receive notifications when any of the hosts belonging to the group breach any of their respective thresholds (slow speeds, high latency, or high packet loss).

In this example, any endpoint in this group that reports speeds slower than 4500 Mbps, latency higher than 50ms, or packet loss greater than 50% -- will alert.

Host specific metrics

This page looks similar to your personal dashboard under an individual plan. It shows the metrics for each host you select from your Org dashboard. Including the connectivity chart, speed test averages, and now we include ping statistics:

  • Connectivity
  • Speeds
  • Packet Loss
  • Latency
  • Min, Max, Avg RTT

Desktop app

Run the desktop app on Windows or Mac, enter your Org API key and a hostname for the machine. We also offer a Windows Service, MacOS & linux binaries, and a Docker image you can run anywhere for a lightweight solution!

CLI Installer

Build your own installer script with custom configurations for each group.

- IP block / allow lists
- Enable / disable speed tests & pings
- Custom internal & external ping targets

Monthly Org Pricing
Number of hosts (minimum 3)
per host (paid monthly)
per host (paid annually)
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